Thursday, 22 July 2010


Summer Time
So the last few months the drapes had there head down writing and recording Suffer, False alarm and 2nd chances.
Some of the process has been long tiring and at times to point where we almost felt like 'what's the fucking point in this anymore?' The hard graft is paying off slowly has people like tom Robinson from 6 music has been pushing reflection on his introducing show every week.
working with Laurie has been a blessing but also brought back dark memories from a dark time.
laurie got us ripping material down to it's bare bones,' just an acoustic guitar and nothing else.
the suspense and anticipation in the room was uncomfortable at times and almost unbearable.
not knowing if these techniques of recording these song's were gonna work or if we were just gonna be left with a window of wasted studio time with nothing complete and jools holland pushing laurie back on with his own album.

the first few hours were spent listening to the sound of the clock of a click track, no one said anything to each other and i could feel myself stopping from shouting out "fuck this! scrap it lets just go in and record everything live again!" maybe everyone else felt that too i dunno? smoking tuns of cigarettes and downing coffee by the gallon wasn't helping either on that early start.
by around mid afternoon adam went into the live room on his own laying down a rough guide vocal with an acoustic guitar on his own. i could see the stress across his face and the tension in toms as he went in?, what if he starts playing the chorus in the wrong places or forgets the little brake downs??? we couldn't quite belive it when he almost got the whole song in one take and maybe a few takes after became the final guide track for the trigged synth.

Time passed by a little longer. Geroge went in and put his parts down in one fucking take!, I couldn't beleive that nothing had changed since we last worked together, he still nips it in one the fucker.
slowly suffer began to piece together into a bigger picture unfolding before are very eyes.
Weather or not we were happy about how it was turning out was hard to judge i could feel everyone's confusion and opions on the track devloping as the track began to come together. 

So a few weeks ago Toby an old friend and singer for hatcham social called me and asked if i was available to play a show for him out in Italy.
With- in a week i was given 6-8 songs to learn before the following Monday and with on
ly 2 rehearsals at fortress studios on old street before leaving for Pisa.
On first meeting i met eauan who was called in for the gig too, he had a lot of experience playing for Emmy the great and his own stuff. 
it was refreshing to work with some new people on some great Motown style material.
the kinda riffs i first started on when i was sixteen. the staple singers, stax records and al green kind of grooves.

Toby is a great front man, he knows how to keep the crowd going and interested in what he is doing which some front men are incapable of doing. we rehearsed on the friday from 12-6 . we only got through the set maybe twice fully has we were working parts out.
the hardest part for me was keeping stabbing bass lines while singing vocal parts along with euan and harmonising with drummer finn. 
not a single moment was wasted in the studio and i think we only got like one fag brake while finn went out to change euros. finn got a great groove and style of singing back on the kit while jerome scratches out dirty blurry riffs over twangy guitars.
i felt quite touched that i was asked to do this, as me and toby all use to hang out when i was young naive and drunk a lot of the time, we never really got on back then but that was because i was in deep addiction and sever paranoia or just i was pure arrogant.